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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 9, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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t actually you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. small business saturday is november 30th. get out and shop small. very great detail. when they finally decided they would release one single year of mitt romney's tax returns they did it in september and they did
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it late in the day on a friday afternoon. and that was not a coincidence. george w. bush administration, the obama can administration have shown a pronounced ten denity so release the white house salary lists late in the day on a friday. the obama administration announced they would keep the george w. bush military tribunals going. when new jersey governor chris christie decided to veto the 50 caliber gun ban that he suggested it announced it late in the day on a friday. this is how they do it. friday news dumps make the news business the the only business in america where the time you are happiest to go to work is friday night because of all the junk they do on friday night they hope nobody will notice. they let fly an epic friday news dump. one that, in fact, may really be
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the legacy of this entire congress. as you know, this congress has no record of having passed anything at all. and i don't see that as an epithet. they have passed no significant legislation since they have been in session at all, all year long. nothing. they didn't shut down the government. they did almost make the government default. that's like counting errors instead of runs. in terms of actually accomplishing anything, they have done nothing. the one thing they have just announced they are not even going to try. a year ago this week mitt romney lost anything pweug to president obama they commissioned a sort of autopsy, no holds barred examination of what went wrong in the election and what the party needed to do to stop losing all the national elections. there was some process stuff.
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they were going to do more outreach. they were going to have better computer systems. there's a lot of that kind of stuff, process stuff. but the one policy prescription the republican party had for itself, the one policy idea, the one policy must was that republicans must find a way to support immigration reform. that's what the republican party told itself. they must find a way to say yes to immigration reform. 14 republican senators voted with the democrats when the senate passed immigration reform back in june. it was bipartisan. a bunch of republicans signed on, including some that are going to be running for president. so, in the senate, they passed it in june and so then, it goes to the house. and now it's november. and tonight, kevin mccarthy just announced they are not even going to try.
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he says there's no time. should be noted they just had this entire week off. and they've got eight days coming up and many more they want to schedule, but they're not even goin to make a go of it. this afternoon, the chairman of the republican party did an interview in which he said yeah, i think it might actually happen. but within minutes of that interview, tonight, after the close of business, the house republicans made very, very quietly clear that this thipg really is dead. they're not even going to try. joining us now is ryan grim. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> so, congressman mccarthy saying they're not even going to try to me is less of a surprise than him saying they're not going to try because there's in time. don't they control the legislative cal an darr? >> there's five minutes to do a vote. put it on the floor, start the timer. in fact, you can do it in a
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minute if you felt like it. everybody has that long to vote. it's not about time. it's about the fact that republicans don't want to do immigration reform. it's pretty much as simple as that. if you look at the thing that eric cantor for instance thought would be the easiest, you know, what he called the kids act and what everybody else kind of knows as the dream act, allowing kids who were brought here as 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, allowing them to get citizenship, that hasn't even emerged. that's because republicans are pushing back on it. they're saying wait a minute, if we allow these kids to become citizens, then what if they sponsor their parents who are here, then their parents might get citizenship and we can't allow that. so it's turning out to be controversial.
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that's the reason. it's not time. >> in terms of the republicans who are on essentially the democratic side on this issue who want to vote on this who said they support it, there's been i think less than five house republicans now who have come out and said they would sign on to the bill that passed the senate in which the democrats say they want to vote for. are they doing that because they know they're looking ahead to their midterm races and they're worried about democrats and none of the other republicans are feeling that kind of pressure? are there any identifiable political dynamics pressing on the republicans on this? >> well, it's a lot of game theory that's going on. you only have at this moment, three republicans who have signed on to the bill. but for everybody else, when they do their cost benefit analysis, they say, well, look, the odds are that the tea party is not going to let this happen.
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period. therefore, what is the advantage for me to sign on to this democratic bill? you know, a lot of moderate republicans or at least the moderate republicans who are left, can you know, they can speak words positively about immigrants and about immigration reform without specifically endorsing the bill and they feel like maybe that would be enough and they say well, we ought to do something. this is a problem. we ought to go something, but don't endorse the bill because they don't think it's going to happen and once you endorse the bill, then you give a target to somebody on your right and say, you supported amnesty or x, that's in this bill that you've now put your name to. to, they're figuring it's not going to happen, i'm not going to go there. so there isn't the critical mass yet. once it looks like it's going to happen, whether this congress or next, you'll see a stampede. all these profiles in courage will be on the floor saying this is the right thing to do. political costs be damned, i'm going to do it. >> thanks for helping us understand this tonight.
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joining us now is is jose vargas, an immigration activist, jose has lived in the united states since he was 12. he did not know at the time he was here without documentation until he tried to get a driver's license as a teenager. he has recently directed the documentary called documented. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> i doubt you think this was a surprise, but i have to ask you your reaction. >> you know, the ghost of james baldwin just rains in my ear. i can't believe what you say because i see what you do. in that article, he said, but next year, we'll get it done. we've been hearing next year since the beginning of this decade. where's the fierce urgency of now? the lack of political will. the argument has been won, right? i think the republican party as a whole understand they need to do this. that they must be on the right side of history on this.
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from a demographic perspective, from a culture perspective, but the political will is not there. all i know is if they're saying they have 13 days left and they can't, how many days did god take to create, like six days, then he rested on the seventh day. >> i will say, meanwhile, the senate just said that in the remaining days they've got left between now and thanksgiving, they're planning on passing a $10 minimum wage. a piece of legislation that has already passed the senate, everybody knows where everybody stands on it, that would pass if it was a free vote on it. >> it would pass. but here's the thing. all this inaction is is going to be greeted the sense of urgency, desperation, anger, disappointment, the sense of anger. is going to be seen in as many congressional districts as
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possible in this country in the next two months. you know, we've seen already undocumented people and their allies and kids doing sit ins at congressional offices. i was just in wisconsin last night in representative paul ryan's district in milwaukee and just today, there are like six or seven women in wisconsin that just shut a street down and niz office protesting and saying you must act now. this is paul ryan, who's going to run for president, probably, right? the urgency is there for all of us who suffer this every day and any day this is prolonged, we're going to remember it and it's just sad that i'm trying as much possible to be optimistic. i'm trying to see that the glass is half full. i'm trying to do that. >> when kevin mccarthy says next year, it's possible. >> when there's a midterm election? >> so, how are the political dynamics any more favorable next year than they are this year?
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>> it isn't. and again, the longer we wait, it was really interesting being in wisconsin last night. i met so many first generation americans, right, american citizens whose parents are undocumented, so they are the ones organizing. they're the voters who are organizing themselves and their community to make sure their voices are heard. >> we've been covering on and off, not as much as we should, the detect action campaigns. >> you've been covering it more than anyone else, really. >> it's notable and creative and unpredictable and very dramatic stuff. >> yes. >> we're seeing it, as you say, in congressional offices, the border. it's heavy stuff and i know already because of the basis of this conversation, that we're not seeing it move politicians enough to get a policy change in washington. is it changing the immigrant rights movement? >> absolutely.
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>> to be going through this direction action campaign? >> it is because it's empowering it. now, what happened, kevin mccarthy made that statement when women sat in his offices for hours in bakersfield. the l.a. base organization, they rallied, they organized, had a sit in and forced mccarthy to say something. we're going to see more of that. already, there's been a lot of sit-ins in congressional offices. there's one book i was going to make sure that i mentioned. "why we can't wait." which was published actually almost 50 years ago. this has been really interesting. this being the 50th year of the i have a dream speech, this is at the heart of every undocumented immigrant in all our families who are suffering every day, waiting for some sort of action from our government. waiting some sort of a solution from this flag we pledge allegiance to every day that doesn't recognize us.
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>> when i talked to john lewis last night, he was here to talk about his book he has out now, a trilogy he's doing about his life story, he pointed out that the last time he was arrested, which i believe his 45th arrest, was on immigration protest. >> stay in touch with us. both on policy matters, but also on the -- film. you've been moving people on this issue for a long time now and this film out on the festival circuit is having a big impact. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. the fall of 2008 was when the country was imploded financially. and so, on october 3rd, 2008, president bush signed the $700 billion legislation that came to be known as the bailout bill. when president bush did that, he also signed into law a totally unrelated piece of legislation that had nothing to do with the bailout, but that was also historic on its own terms. it was buried deep inside that $700 billion bill. on page 117, title five, some title b, it was the -- mental health equity act of 2008. it's weird that it was part of the bill. not only because it had nothing to do with bailing out banks,
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but because this was a historic piece of legislature. this had been heart fought for years, then slipped namelessly into this other unrelated bill and signed into law. congress had a lot on its plate at the time, what with trying to save the world and all, so yeah, i guess that was one way to get it in front of the president. just slip it into the bailout. people have other things to worry about. the mental health parity and addiction equity act changed the law so insurance companies cannot have one standard for what they'll pay for if you have a physical disease and a different lower standard for what they'll pay for if you have a mental disease.
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that changed in the law. basically, makes it harder for insurance companies to tell people that because the thing they're suffering from was not visible, it would not be covered. it doesn't let insurance companies essentially tell people that mental health isn't real health. the two names on the bill ended up being important part of how it came to be because paul wellstone was a liberal democrat and pete dough men domeneci was a conservative republican. they both acknowledged this was a strange thing, them working together on anything, but what e they had in common was that someone in their immediate families had a serious illness. he gave a personal interview to the "new york times" about his daughter, claire, who has schizophrenia. she had been an athlete in high school, healthy and happy, then when she got to college, she started getting fuzzy and would call her parents for help for something like what to eat for dinner. he said, quote, she was all out of whack. my wife went down to help her and ended up bringing her home. she became angry, mean, cussing, swearing, crying, shrinking into a shell.
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taking to her bed and that started two novice parents down the strange path and to really believe it, to acknowledge claire was mentally ill, that took a long time. they were a political odd couple. they were senators who you would not expect to work together on anything, but like senator domeneci, paul wellstone had a family connection. his brother had lifelong mental illness and that became senator wellstone's motivation for fighting. one month after he gave that painful, heartfelt personal interview to the "new york times" about his daughter in september 2002, one month after that interview, senator paul wellstone was killed in a plane crash and the mantle was passed to ted kennedy, for him to champion the law.
6:21 am
his son, congressman patrick kennedy, had fought depression and substance abuse for years. well, today, the obama administration announced it was building off of their historic but passed in a really weird way, landmark mental health law. kathleen sebelius announced the new rules today which implement the protections of that law. insurance companies can't say they're going to make you pay one copay for something physical, then something hire for mental health. it also makes it so your insurance company can't tell you, if you have say cancer, you can go see your doctor as many times as you need, but if you're depressed, you can only see your doctor a certain number of times per year. what the administration did today, they closed the loopholes insurance companies were using to get around it.
6:22 am
to unveil the new policy today, she was introduced by rosalynn carter, who championed this herself for years. paul wellstone's son, david, was not audience as she said two of her own family members had sought help for mental illness. after the shooting in newtown, connecticut last december, after those 20 first graders and six of their teacher were killed in newtown, connecticut by a disturbed young man who had access to a ton of fire power, after that massacre, president obama and vice president joe biden publicly announced a list of 23 executive actions they were going to take to try to fight gun violence. 23 things that crucially, the administration could do on its own without congress. with this mental health parody order today, this effort to increase people's access to mental health treatment across the country, the obama administration as of today has either completed or taken big steps toward completing every
6:23 am
single one of those 23 actions. congress has proven itself, even in the wake of newtown, to be totally incapable of addressing anything even remotely related to gun violence. but because of this bill, snuck through after decades of trying, snuck through in the most unexpected possible way, in the middle of the bailout, because of that bill, because of the work of ted kennedy and those strange bedfellows for all those years, because of that hard fought battle by senators passed and these rules today by administration, the pointlessness of our current congress has been so slightly undermined. ever so slightly. baby steps. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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when the presidential election results came in one year ago this week, one of the things that seemed fishy to republicans was the news that in philadelphia, in 59 voting wards, there were zero votes cast for mitt romney. president obama won 59 wards in philly, that's thousands of votes, by a margin of 100% to zero percent. seemed like a typo until this map. where you could not only see where those 100% wards were in the city, you could check the voting history and yeah, it turns out where the vote for john kerry over george bush was
6:28 am
like 104 to 9 or the vote for obama versus mccain was 358-2. some philadelphia neighborhoods, philadelphia in general, is just that democratic. that you can get 59 wards with zero votes for mitt romney, but in the fifth division of the 56th ward in philadelphia, this week, the democratic candidate lost. it was a race to be an election judge, the democratic candidate lost the race by 12 votes and the democratic lost to this guy. who is not a democrat. he's also not a republican. despite the fact he's sitting there with abe lincoln. he also stopped being an independent years ago. turns out this guy and the only party that can beat the democratic party in philadelphia right now, it's the whig party. w-h-i-g. yep. the elections judge is a member
6:29 am
of the whig party, like it's 1840. somebody dress me up like henry clay and make me a drink. you can catch philadelphia's latest whig party official on up this saturday morning, but if you want to hear the most amazing election result yet from america's cities this year, it is not actually the fact that philadelphia has elected its first whig party official since the 1800s. there's something more amazing that happened this week and that story is coming up. stay with us. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ]
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but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. november of last year, they dug up arafat. he died of mysterious circumstances in 2004 and after new reporting that suggested his death might have been because of poison, they dug him up. he was exhumed from his grave this time last year. in the last few days, a 100-page report has been released. there have been press conferences by competing research teams. statements made by mr. arafat's family and by the palestinian
6:33 am
authority. it is a fascinating case. right now, i think the most sober way to look at it is to say the jury is still out. he may well have been poisoned to death with the same obscure highly radioactive isotope that was used to also assassinate a russian spy who had defected to britain. it is possible someone may have called arafat with polonium 210. and that may yet be proven, but honestly, if you take a broad view, what they've presented so far, i think it does not seem to be proven yet. when mr. arafat mysteriously fell ill after eating dinner in the fall of 2004, he was flown to france to try to figure out what was wrong with him. they never did figure out what was wrong with him, but the fact he die in france means that france is investigating that as a murder. so, the definitive word on whether or not he was killed
6:34 am
rather than dying of natural causes, that will probably come from french prosecutors in coming months. it's an amazing story and spooky story. it is not too farfetched to wonder. there was mr. arafat in 1993 shaking hands at the white house, bill clinton, bringing them together for the peace talks. within two years of the photo, ravine was assassinated an after that, arafat was dead, too. by whose hand, if anyone's, we still have no idea. that's what's being investigated. policy in that part of the world is fraught. and dangerous and conspiratorial and occasionally, more seemingly farfetched than you want to be able to believe. it is because it is to fragile and dangerous that it was more than just news. it was actually kind of scary. in 2004, during the bush
6:35 am
administration, when we learned how policy toward that part of the world was being made inside the bush white house. rick pearlstein reported that the top middle east staffer on bush's security counsel, had held secret, formal consultations with christian groups who wanted to make american policy toward israel was doing everything possible to bring about the second coming of christ on earth. these groups wanted to make sure that the borders of israel lined up exactly with what the bible said it needed to be to bring about the apocalypse. seriously. so, the top guy or near east and north african affairs met with the apocalypse seekers to assure them that it was okay for bush to favor giving up the gaza strip because there is a specific way to explain that would be all right and it wouldn't get in the way of the
6:36 am
coming rapture, jesus wouldn't mind. he finds out this is going on in the bush white house. calls the national security counsel spokesman to ask what is going on. the initial response is why would the white house comment on that? quote, when asked whose job it is in the bush administration to study the bible, to discern what parts of israel were not acceptable places for peace, frederick jones said that even his previous statements in this conversation had been off the record. amazing thing, right? everybody's religious beliefs are their own and by definition in this country, nobody's religious beliefs are better than anybody else's and if you believe that getting every single jew in the world inside israel and making sure that the
6:37 am
national boundaries are how they are described by how they are in the bible, if you believe that's how you can start the end of the world, then god bless you, it is what you believe. it does however become a news story and some debate when your belief that's what you need to do ends up driving u.s. foreign policy toward that theological aim and when the people who make foreign policy in this country are consulting you about what the united states ought to do abroad, then, yes, yes, yes, that is news. the bush administration was really amazing. i cannot wait until the national archives takes over the library in texas and we get a diorama about that part of policy. where it wasn't almost an accident we were bringing about the end of the world. that was the strategy.
6:38 am
we were trying to. but these end of the world bring about the rapture guys were not just here for george w. bush, they are still around and end up making news every few years because they want to be politically influential. they are trying to use the united states as an instrument of their biblical use and to be clear, this is not just the religious right proudly speaking, trying to impose religious doctrine on the country as a matter of policy, trying to get antiabortion stuff and antigay stuff forced into policy. this is different. these are not people trying to change the united states because they want the united states to be different. the folks here are trying to use the united states as an instrument to achieve biblical prophesy and their plans have a lot to do with jewish people, converting them to christianity, with moving them around the world in strategic days in order to bring christ back and kick
6:39 am
off the rapture. these guys pop up in conservative over and over again. usually, something to do with texas. so, in 2008, when john mccain was securing the republican nomination for president and running against barack obama, john mccain sought and received the endorsement of a megachurch pastor from texas named john hagee. he got a lot of attention at the time because he was super, super, super anticatholic. he's the guy who called the catholic church the horror of babylon. his real kick has always been israel. he founded christians united for israel. he's published books like the battle for jerusalem and jerusalem countdown, which kind of sounds good for the jews. this is what he means though when you really get him to spell it out. >> god sent a hunter.
6:40 am
someone who comes with a gun and he forces you. hitler was a hunter. how did it happen? because god allowed it to happen. why? because god said, my top priority for the jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of israel. >> god sent hitler to get the jews into israel, so it was a good thing? wow. this guy's a big influential texas tell aoe advantage televangelist megachurch guy and so, john mccain went and sought his endorsement when he was running for president and he got it and then ultimately, john mccain had to give it back when it turned out he's the god sent hitler back.
6:41 am
you can't take that guy's endorsement and it turns out his whole idea of defending israel is just getting all the jews there at once so god can zap them all at one time. these guys exist. they are still around. they've not gone anywhere. last year, a group called the messianic bible institute held a meeting to talk about their strategy. their plan to hasten those end days is to -- jewish people. to convert jewish people, they hope by the millions, convert jewish people to accept jesus as their messiah. this is how they're trying to trigger the end of the world and last year, at their big event in texas, their keynote speaker was glenn beck, to whom they gave a defender of israel award before, i kid you not, they all sat down to a big pork barbecue on the 50 yard line of the dallas cowboys stadium. ye is he! it's fascinating. they used a lot of jewish iconography, they try hard to seem very pro jewish, but the big idea is to make jews accept jesus as the messiah, so then
6:42 am
once they have done that to enough jews, then the end of the world will come. >> there's a restoration of jewish faith in the messiah and an understanding in the gentile church and together, god's bringing these to somehow fulfill his in time purposes. >> the growth of the gospel being received by jewish people is promised. the end of the book. help us to raise up an army, end time army. every contribution matters. if it's a dollar, a hundred. a thousand dollars. a million dollars. >> give us a million dollars and we will convert more jus so the world will end. guess who's the keynote speaker next week in irving, texas? >> george w. bush. that guy. our last president before the one we've got now. there is on the invitation, the marquee attraction at the fund-raiser. the president in this evening with a president. and you can join him for the
6:43 am
low, low price of $100,000, you can buy the president's package, offer includes a personal geographic tour of israel, plus company branding on promotional pieces, invitations to the vip reception including photo opportunity with president bush and ten signed copies of the president's book and ten passes to the new presidential library, all of that and dinner for 100 grand. if you do not have $100,000, do not worry, cheaper tickets are available. for $100, you can buy one of these volunteer seats, though you are not guaranteed this seat by registering online. for the 100 volunteer deal, you have to fill out a form and get approved. i should tell you, cannot find these pages online anymore, but we have posted screen shots of them if you want to check them out. the originals were taken down because mother jones just
6:44 am
published an article about george w. bush fund-raising for this group. as far as we can tell, george w. bush is still speaking. wow. joining us now, the journalist who broke this story in mother jones, sarah pozner. nice to have you here. >> thanks for having me, rachel. >> so, former presidents tend to spend their time on global charities and disaster relief and so on. do you have any insight into why president bush is speaking to an apocalyptic group like this? >> i was actually surprised to find out he was speaking to this group. his alliances with evangelicals and christian zionists are long standing and well documented, but for jews, these messianic jews, this is kind of beyond the pale.
6:45 am
i think with christian zionists, evangelicals, pro israel jewish groups, they have made peace with them even though they have these ideas, but they're basically saying, look, we're going to identify as jewish, but we're going to tell all you jewish people that you've been blind for 2,000 years to the identity of the real messiah and we're going to use all of your rituals and sacred objects and identify ourselves as jews and say we're the real jews because we see jesus as the messiah, as was prophesied in the bible. >> george w. bush, obviously, his personal religious beliefs are his own and everybody's beliefs deserve their respect. as a political matter though, i am surprised that somebody with his political instincts and achievements in life would not see how alienating this move is
6:46 am
is. you quote a rabbi, the most influential in america today, tweeting about this news. quote, this is infuriating. is there a lack of understanding how upsetting this is going to be to people? >> perhaps, but it's no secret that jews find -- find this insulting and offensive. i'm not really sure whether this was something not vetted properly by the bush people or whether he thinks this is really a grand idea. either way, it's highly problematic and i think there are a lot of people in jewish community who are going to find it highly problematic and he's probably going to have to explain what it was he was doing there. >> with george w. bush at least for now, planning to be at this event, a very high dollar event next week, last year, it have glenn beck, a political figure
6:47 am
on the right. before that, it was oliver north. a similar event was highlighted by rick santorum. what is the connection between right wing politics and these groups? why is there the political dove tailing? >> it's over israel and also over america as a christian or a judeo christian nation and what they see as america's prophetic role in the, what they call the restoration of israel or you know, like you say, it's really about the end times. so, it tends to be couched as a pro israel position. that's the position that christians, evangelicals can take and somebody like john
6:48 am
hagee who's promised jewish leerds that we won't prof latize to jews. have made peace with because they think that hagee is providing support to israel and it's true that somebody like hagee will gather up the followers to lobby on the hill, sanctions against iran or military strikes against iran or what have you, so i think for people who share that position, he's seen as an ally. the jewish community doesn't really get involved in politics particularly that way. they're more focused on religion and so, i think that for even for people within the hawkish pro israel jewish community, that this is going to be highly problematic. >> sarah pozner, thanks for doing the leg work on this. we would not have known about it had you not done this. i wouldn't have looked to see if this was coming. it's mind blowing.
6:49 am
thank you for being here. >> that you know, rachel. >> stay with us. [ both cheer ]
6:50 am
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>> i work out so much because it actually calms me down. some of the stuff i experience in my life is extreme edginess, extreme. one minute i can be your best friend and you say hi to me i want to tear your head off. if i drink a coffee i feel like my heart will explode.
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i am already, a machine gun, it's my heart. i can't sleep at night. if i get over four hours of sleep a night something is wrong. i will see bikes, leaning up against telephone poles, i think man is that going to blow, what an ied is, you never know. ptsd is a chemistry change in your brain. you've sit and think about all of the bad times. it is like replaying a movie in your head over and over again. it hits the end, rewinds, just plays again. >> ahead of veterans day this monday, you are going to watch msnbc, more than you might usually over this weekend. noon sunday, iraq combat veteran former congressman patrick murphy is hosting a show here called "taking the hill." it is going to include part of the wounded warrior documentary series which is really, really, really good. so veterans day is monday.
6:54 am
happy veterans day. noon eastern on sunday, is when you want to check out this very cool new thing we are doing here on msnbc. noon sunday. coming up next, the single most surprising thing about what just happened in this year's elections you have not heard it anywhere else. stay with us. [ female announcer ] arms were made for hugging. hands for holding. feet, kicking. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start taking xeljanz if you have any kind of infection, unless ok with your doctor. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels
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well we'll find out. we'll find out. [ lee ] it goes under all the way to the back wall. i came in under the assumption that it was clean. i've been living in a fool's paradise! oh boy... there you go... morty just summed it up. the next 44 years we'll be fine. >> on the sunday morning talk shows if a person makes an appearance in all five shows in the morning that is a full ginsburg named after monica lewinsky's lawyer who maybe was the first person to ever pull that off in 1998. well this weekend, new jersey governor chris christie is doing an all most full ginsburg, skipping cnn but will appear on nbc, cbs, abc, and fox. 80% of a full ginsburg. the reason christie is a hot ticket now, not only was he re-elected as a republican in a blue state, he was re-elected by a big margin. defeated underfunded democratic challenger by 22 points.
6:58 am
that is supposed to be the mega margin of victory, the story of this year's elections of chris christie's bright future, 22 points. across the river from new jersey. the democratic candidate, chewed up that 22-point margin and spit it out in disgust. you want to talk big wins? you want to talk big margin of victory? look at this. the new democratic mayoral elect to the largest city, built the well regarded republican he was up against, by what is that 50 points? 49 points? he more than doubled chris christie's margin of victory. and maybe that doesn't seem look all of that big of news, well, jeez, new york city is so democratic. mike bloomberg was a republican, independent, before him. rudy giuliani was a republican. it has been 20 years since there was a democrat running new york. as new york gets ready for its first democratic mayor, look what is happening across the
6:59 am
country. this is weird if alexander burns hadn't written this up i wouldn't have noticed. if you looked, half the mayors were democrats half were republicans. ratio was 6:6. but after this week' big democratic win in new york, with when you look across the country, look. the big cities, all 12 of them, all of them have democratic players. the ratio is 12-0. you have to go down to indianapolis, the 13th largest city in the country before you find one city with the republican mayor. how did this happen? and it is not even just a fluke of the top 12. if you look at the top 30. 27 of the top 30 largest cities in the country will be run by democrats, three by republicans. our cities in america are a sea of blue. since all of the sunday shows are going to be having the exact same discussion with the exact


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